WTOL Editorial: Carty, Explain Your Support for Irish
WTOL Editorial: Carty, Explain Your Support for Irish

Mayor Carty Finkbeiner is wrong to defend and support John Irish.

The mayor is the leader of our region. He should have acted like one. He should have used his power to quickly end this embarrassment.

Instead, he stood firmly on the side of the Good Old Boy network. Evidently, in the mayor's city of the future, boys will be boys.

Look how he handled this.

First, the mayor seemingly dismissed it as much ado about nothing.

Then he praised John Irish.

Later, when the public outcry to fire Irish gained momentum, the mayor reverted to classic Carty behavior. He attacked. Particularly Councilman Joe McNamara.

Carty then took a broad swipe at anyone calling for Irish to resign.

Somehow he sees it as their problem.

He said, "Sometimes the finger pointers turn out to be slightly less goody-two-shoes than they made themselves out to be."

The mayor was dismissive, insensitive, shortsighted and, of course, angry.

I'm Bob Chirdon. It sure looks like the old Carty is back.

Mayor Finkbeiner if you want to explain why you continue to support Mr. Irish, give me a call. We'll give you the time.