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88 Counties: 'We don't want the 'rona' | Embracing the new normal at Tiffin U in Seneca County

It's all in an app at Tiffin University, where technology has helped make the 'new normal' possible. Students and staff are adapting to change.

SENECA COUNTY, Ohio — The coronavirus changed a lot of the way we go about life, especially that of school.

Those changes have impacted Tiffin University and how students and staff are making changes as the new school year kicks off.

"We are at Tiffin University and this is the first day of classes."

"We're a small school but it's more family-oriented; you're going to know everybody on campus by like week three or four. I'm happy I'm here cause I don't want to be home especially with my mom cause she's a control freak.

I think it's a good thing too because some people's home is not good, not a good environment."

Credit: 88 Counties in 88 Days

"At any moment the school could call it. There's definitely still some students out there that are like okay this doesn't pertain to me so I'm going to through a party and have people in my apartment."

"Well, we limit the number of people who come to our apartment it's like one person a day.

We spray every time someone new comes in we don't want the 'rona.' We don't play that dirty stuff.

He cleans the kitchen, well he's a good cleaner. There are no dishes, there's no nothing."

Credit: 88 Counties in 88 Days

"We've learned to do things differently. Technology in general has really just made the new normal possible."

Social media is how everybody is communicating especially in a time like this."

"We're working with our partners with our TU mobile app Ready Contact to help with contact tracing. Every single day faculty, staff, and students have to scan these QR codes to help with contact tracing."

"I downloaded the TU mobile app actually and I never knew people posted on there but people are actually posting on there."

"They really are posting on there I never posted on a school app like this but it's really popular nowadays."

Credit: 88 Counties in 88 Days

"I would hope that everyone would follow the rules, just because it's not just about protecting yourself, it's about protecting other people as well. 

Obviously, I feel like we're going to have some sort of an outbreak because that's just the nature of a virus. But I think we're trying really hard and hopefully, it's not as bad as we think it could be."