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88 Counties in 88 Days: In Wyandot, if you yell 'Bingo!', you better really have a 'bingo'

It's bingo night in Carey. The town went three months without the popular pastime as COVID-19 silenced the hooting and hollering that accompanies the heated games.

WYANDOT COUNTY, Ohio — This content is part of our 88 Counties in 88 Days coverage, which focuses on the current issues Ohioans are facing in this election year. 

The bingo players at Our Lady of Consolation Shrine in Wyandot County take the game seriously. 

When Ohio's COVID-19 restrictions on bingo were canceled the players were more than ready to get back together even if it meant wearing masks and sitting farther apart from the other players.

 "We're in Carey, Ohio, in Wyandot County and I'm getting ready to work my shift at the Bingo Hall at Our Lady of Consolation Shrine."

"The bingo players really get into it and I actually can barely keep up sometimes."

"It's pretty intense. I mean if you yell "Bingo" you better really have a bingo."

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"Bingo does provide them with a safer place. We are properly social-distancing, masks, and taking the proper precautions and steps."

"I'd rather wear a mask than have to stay home from bingo."

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"I believe in wearing a mask, oh yes, I've got mine right here."

"I don't like wearing the mask, um I feel that it's… I mean I know COVID's out there but I think it's overblown. I think it will be gone after the election. But I will do the safety precautions and protect others and respect others so I will wear my mask."

"You're only allowed so many at a table. Wear a mask. You know it's not all hard, we're all adults so let's be civil about it."

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"Well, my favorite thing about bingo night is being around people."

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"It's very important. When they were closed down for 3 months, I about died. I couldn't stand it.  When bingo came back, we were so excited about getting to see each other again."

"The reason we come here is that because the money that we spend here for Bingo is going the children of Carey that go to OLC bingo's school."

"Because without it we would have to, the parish would have to look at raising tuition for people. And that's, you know, especially in a small town, you know, it's important for our kids to go to OLC to get their Catholic education. And this helps offset that to kind of help families out."

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"Pretty small town so everybody kinda know everybody, so we all do support each other."

"So a lot of the same players that are coming, they've had their kids, grandkids, some of them great-grandkids going through the school."

"I appreciate them volunteers that come out here and take their time out of their busy schedule with their family and through all this COVID's that's going on and… let's protect one another."