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Sandusky, Cedar Point in talks over investigation findings

City, park officials hoping to have plan in place by June to address concerns revealed in series by 11 Investigates, TEGNA sister stations.

SANDUSKY, Ohio — Late Monday afternoon, Sandusky City Manager Eric Wobser confirmed that the city is having conversations with Cedar Point regarding allegations presented earlier this month by 11 Investigates and our sister stations in Cleveland and Columbus.

In that investigation, we reported that there have been 27 sexual assault allegations in the past five years in employee dorms. Those reports were turned over by the Sandusky Police Department. 

When we asked the Cedar Point Police Department for any additional reports, park officials refused to turn them over, claiming the department is a private security force not subject to public records law. 

Our TEGNA legal team continues to fight for those records.

Wobser did not want to go into specifics about negotiations with Cedar Point and its police department, but he said the negotiations resulted from our investigation. He said the sides had one meeting last week and another one is scheduled for this week. He said his goal is to have a plan in place by June 1 to address concerns in our investigation.

In the wake of 11 Investigate's revelations, elected officials from around Ohio have responded, calling on Cedar Point to investigate and to reach out to state authorities for help. 

Also since our stories began airing, more former employees have come forward with stories about their time at Cedar Point, including some former hiring managers who said they were pressured to fill jobs before background checks were complete.

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