Some Findlay residents oppose O-DOT's intersection closure

By Dick Berry - email

Posted by Lisa Strawbridge - email

FINDLAY, OH (WTOL) - The Ohio Department of Transportation (O-DOT) plans to close the Western Avenue crossing on Ohio Route 15 in Findlay on Feb. 1 because they say it has become too dangerous.

The agency says there have been 25 crashes there since 2001.

Residents who use the intersection on a daily basis oppose the closing. "I think it's a big mistake," said Karen Noyes. "I don't know what brought it up again. We thought we had it settled."  She adds that trips will be longer for her with the intersection closed.

O-DOT considered building an overpass or relocating the intersection, but both ended up being too costly.

Smaller improvements, such as improving signage, adding flashing lights and painting pavement markings, failed to curb accidents, according to O-DOT.

Drivers are upset O-DOT didn't meet with Findlay officials to discuss the closure. "It just really hit us out of the blue," said resident Tim Noyes.

There's also worry the closure will increase emergency response time to the south side of the four-lane highway.