TOLEDO (WTOL) - Due to the shutdown, starting Wednesday, SNAP benefits in Ohio will be added to customers' EBT cards for the month of February. That means balances for January will appear higher than normal, but the following month will be a different story.

The Wood County Department of Job and Family Services is encouraging people to budget out the funds to ensure they last through the end of February.

In Dave Wigents' 28 years working for JFS in Wood County, he says he's never seen their programs impacted until this government shutdown. He’s trying to remain optimistic about SNAP Benefits for March.

"I’m hopeful that if the government is still shut down towards the end of February that there will still be some sort of resolution or continuing action to let the program continue,” Wigent said.

If the government shutdown ends by March, SNAP benefits will be distributed at their normal time.

Right now, new applications are being processed, but if you apply for SNAP benefits after January 30, you will not be eligible for money in February.