SPRINGFIELD TOWNSHIP - (WTOL) - Working smoke detectors are being attributed to saving 60 people’s lives after an apartment fire in Springfield Township.

The fire ignited in the overnight hours of Sunday morning at the Lake of the Woods apartment complex near Bancroft and McCord, near the Mr. Freeze.

Members of the Springfield Township Fire Department said every single smoke alarm was going off when they arrived on Sunday. They credit those alarms for everyone making it out safely.

The fire started in the back of the building on the bottom floor. Crews were on scene on Monday assessing the damage and slowly trying to clear out debris. There was a short period of time where one person was unaccounted for when crews were doing a headcount. Those situations are something fire crews have to be act fast on in order to help keep everyone calm. Eventually the person was located with the help of building management.

“We work closely with the property manager. they have a master list of their residents and they’re all required to provide them with different phone numbers and contact. so we work closely with the management to determine accountability,” said Rick Helminski, Assistant Fire Chief at the Springfield Township Fire Department.

Right now the Red Cross is assisting those who were affected. However a more extensive plan is underway. Springfield Schools plans to do whatever is needed to help out, whether that be collecting clothing, supplies or food.

District leaders are working with the American Red Cross to help organize the best method to support the victims of this fire. People who lived in the affected building are still trying to piece together what happened. Many of them visited the building on Monday to see what was left from inside their apartment, if anything.

“I’ve lost everything. You know, I don’t think anythings going to be able to get out. I’ve lost my washer dryer, I’ve lost everything. But God does provide, he always has for me,” said Lynn King.

She lost everything in the fire.

Once the details for a donation drive are worked out WTOL will alert you. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.