BOWLING GREEN, OH (WTOL) - Young twins in Bowling Green are being called heroes after they saved a 3-year old girl from drowning.

Peyton and Bryant Switzer are only 6 years old, but they can tell when someone is needs help.

Last week while on a family trip to Florida, the boys saved a 3-year old from drowning.

They described the event detail by detail.

"And then she jumped in and Peyton jumped in and put her arm around her and then he bring her to the ladder and I helped her out," said one of the twins.

The twins said they could tell the girl was drowning because her head was going under water.

Their parents said they are very comfortable in the water and credit the activities they are involved in for helping them know when someone is drowning.

"You know it's very rewarding to know that some of the things they are involved with just became an instinct to them. So being in the swimming lessons and safety town they recognized that the little girl was in trouble right away," their father said.

Of course, aside from saving lives, the twins still like to do normal 6-year-old things at the pool like diving off the diving board.

The boys were recognized by state representatives for what they did and are being called heroes.