FULTON COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - Some in Fulton County are saying justice has finally been served for Sierah Joughin's family. Emotions were high in court, but Sierah's family got the last word.

Emotions ranged from sorrow to anger as the honorable Judge Jeffrey Robinson ordered James Worley be sentenced to death.

"And one further comment Mr. Worley, if I thought there was a snowball's chance in hell that you were innocent, you'd be looking at life. Court's in recess," said Judge Robinson for closing remarks as he slammed his gavel down.

The judge wasn't the only one who spoke strongly to James Worley, but also Sierah's family did too.

"The pain is excruciating and the depth of emptiness we feel is unexplainable. However, I want him to know this, it may seem that he has broken us but we as a family are stronger than he thinks and because we we're lucky enough to have had Sierah's love, we're unbreakable," said Tara Ice, Sierah's aunt.

"I'll continually ask why. Why her, why didn't she get away, why didn't we find her sooner why. For me, the death penalty is what he deserves," said Sheila Vaculik, Sierah's mom.

From the beginning of the trial Sierah's family has called for two things: One justice for Sierah, which they feel happened with Worley's verdict. But two was to create some future good through Sierah's Law.

"Sierah's life was worth far more than the 20 years she was able to live. She has inspired people she did not know and I can only wonder what great things she would have accomplished if she was still alive, but in her death I know she's moving mountains," said Sheila.

Her family vows to fight for Sierah's Law which would create a violent offender registry. Her uncle explained Halloween was Sierah's favorite holiday and she would often dress up as a superhero, but now she is proving she's always been one.

"Sierah really was that super hero because she took down a killer. A killer with a violent past, the devil in his eyes, someone who had to look at traveling this path many times before. In the end our beautiful Sierah won the battle of good verses evil and we believe her sacrifice has saved other lives to come," said Howard Ice.

Sierah's loved ones want to honor her legacy and rise from the ashes to create a positive light for others like Sierah was to them.