TOLEDO (WTOL) - On Saturday the River View, Silver Lake and Wayne Street entrances to Side Cut will open back up.

Certain areas throughout the park including the playground will remain closed because they will need repairs. The first priority of the clean up process is the parking lots and walking paths.

From there crews will make repairs to the playground and the trails. As of right now mostly debris and other sticks and limbs are scattered around the park. But some areas of the roadways have caved off on the sides and will need to be fixed.

As far as the cemetery, that will take more time. There is no major damage right now but stones will need to be flipped back over which can be a process. Some of them weight up to 800 pounds and are frozen to the ground right now.

“The stones for the most part are just pushed over. We don’t have really any issue with them normally being damaged when this has happened before. We probably have about seven to eight hundred headstones to right which will take some time,” said Alan Taraschke from the City of Maumee.

Side Cut opens on Saturday at 7 a.m.