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Shoveling Sidewalks

Toledo residents could face a fine if they don't shovel their sidewalks.

TOLEDO -- All the snow and ice we've had is making not only roadways but sidwalks dangerous as well.

This is Tammy Hussing's sixth winter as a letter carrier, and each year it's the same story. Many sidewalks are covered in snow and ice. "The majority of people want to stay inside and stay warm, so they don't get out and do it. This makes it pretty bad especially when you have a lot of steps to go up," said Hussing.

Some residents like Scott Aberflus try to help out. He shovels his sidewalk and some of his neighbors. "Because if you don't somebody will slip and fall and get hurt," said Aberflus. "A lot of people they'll shovel our line of travel where we go from house to house. They'll shovel right across the grass for us," said Hussing.

Hussing just wishes more people would take the time to clear their sidewalks and stairs. "People fall down all the time. I fall down. You drop your mail. Last winter we had one of our carriers she fell down, she broke her leg," said Hussing.

Now, whenever Tammy finds a mailbox she can't get to because of snow and ice, she holds their mail until they get the hint.

The city of Toledo has an ordinance in place saying if you don't shovel your sidewalk within 24 hours you could face a $100 fine.