Sen. Sherrod Brown visits Toledo plant, urges House to pass jobs protection measure

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Senator Brown met Tuesday with workers at the Quality Tool and Metal Stamping plant in North Toledo following the Senate passage of a bipartisan jobs bill.

More and more companies are closing manufacturing plants in the U.S. and outsourcing to other countries, like China, claiming that it cuts costs and Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown is trying to stop this and urges other lawmakers to help.

"This legislation finally says to the Chinese, you can't keep cheating and expect to do business with us the way you've been doing business with us for far too long."

According to Brown, the manufacturing industry has lost nearly three million jobs in the past decade because companies in China manipulate the currency in their favor.

The U.S. is paying a 25 to 30 percent tax on products sold in China, but China gets a 25 to 30 percent bonus on their products sold in the U.S.

"That's because they've cheated. They've gamed the system. It's time Americans fight back," said Brown. "We can't create middle class jobs if we're not making stuff."

This new jobs bill would put the U.S. on the same level as China and create two million manufacturing jobs in three years.

"We don't fear competition. We invite competition. It's what makes us better. It's what drives us. It makes us want to be innovative and better ourselves," said Mike Pasch, Quality Tool and Stamping vice president.

Devin Denner, Chase Brass CEO, agreed.

"This isn't about just any one company. It's about a lot of people working towards trying to make America stronger."

Some legislators fear this bill could lead to a trade war, but others say it's a possible solution to a significant trade imbalance.

Senator Brown hopes the House will vote on the measure this week. If it passes it will continue on to the president to be signed as a law.