TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Senator Rob Portman visited rehab facility Racing for Recovery to discuss funding. Racing for Recovery focuses on exercise to fight drug and alcohol addiction. It provides a longer-term support network than most other rehab programs.

Senator Portman spoke with former addicts to hear their stories.

"I left really moved. We had some powerful testimonies from individuals who feel like this program has saved their lives, literally saved their lives," Portman said.

Other topics included the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act which Portman co-authored and is now a law. This act provides grant money for programs like Racing for Recovery. Other legislation in the works to be implemented soon.

"I've worked hard in Washington and really for the last 20 years on prevention and education," Portman said. "We've also got to focus on better treatment and recovery."

He stresses to Congress that these programs are worth giving financial support to.