MAUMEE (WTOL) - Active shooter situations make the headlines too often. Recently a plant in Aurora, Illinois experienced one.

Thursday, local manufacturers gathered to learn how to make a life or death difference.

Toledo’s best known workplace shooting happened in January, 2005. An autoworker wired a shotgun to his body and burst into the Jeep Assembly Plant.

He murdered a supervisor, wounded two others then killed himself.

The day before the fatal spree plant officials met with the gunman to discuss his work habits.

“There’s no 100 percent prevention. But we can take steps to minimize risks and minimize the number of people injured if something does happen,” according Mike Navarre, who was Toledo Police Chief at the time of the shooting.

He was one of several speakers at a workplace violence seminar sponsored by the accounting firm Gilmore Jasion Mahler.

A counselor recommends employers create a supportive environment in the workplace if they spot potential violent behavior.

“Make it a very comfortable experience to report if someone is concerned about the behavior of another employee. You need to feel comfortable in coming forward,” said Wendy Shaheen, VP of Clinical Services for A Renewed Mind.

Law enforcement is also always available to recommend how companies can develop an action plan such as reaction to a shooter or safety committee.

“Be prepared. Be prepared. We always have to be prepared always for anything that could happen” warned Brett Warner of the Lucas County Sheriff’s Office.

And understand an active shooter situation could happen any time.