TOLEDO (WTOL) - Scooby the camel is over seven feet tall and has become a local celebrity.

It is hard to miss him when he goes walking with his owner Nabil along Dorr and McCord road.

“A lot of times, this one will stop traffic,” Nabil said of Scooby. “He’s kind of good at that.”

He might seem big, but he’s really just a big baby, as he is only about 2 years old, with his birthday coming up soon.

Scooby has a bond to his owner that is unlike any other, with his feelings at risk of being hurt if he and Nabil don’t have their daily conversations or time together.

“When he sees me, he gets really pumped up,” Nabil says. “We have a good bond, he’s a good boy. Right, Scoob?”

Nabil says he has always wanted a camel, and got Scooby when he was born.

“The first [camel] I had before him got so big that I traded him in,” Nabil said.

He has his own personality that those who know him compare to a teenage boy.

Nabil says Scooby also took the romaine lettuce recall very personally.

“We didn’t feed him romaine lettuce for a little bit. Right Scooby? You got a little mad, didn’t you?” Nabil said, addressing his friend.

When Scooby gets frustrated or antsy, Nabil says Scooby will hop back and forth doing what he calls “The Scooby Shimmy,” but he is really just a gentle giant.

“He is the star, that’s for sure. He’s the alpha camel,” Nabil said. “I’m definitely not getting rid of this guy. Everybody loves him.”