TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Savage and Associates had a groundbreaking ceremony Tuesday morning as they get ready to move their business to Arrowhead Park in Maumee.

The move is unlike a handful of other businesses that are doing the opposite and coming into Toledo.

"Savage and Associates has its roots firmly in Northwest Ohio, and we're excited to be part of the region's economic growth," said J.R. Toland, President and CEO of Savage and Associates.

The firm says they feel this is the best move for the because of the location of Arrowhead Park, right off I-475.

The company began looking for a new location more than two years ago. They said it's less about moving out of Toledo and more about expanding in an area they like.

"We are honored to be bringing Savage and Associates to their new headquarters," said Ed Harmon, President of the site development and real estate team of NAI Harmon Group that is managing the project. "Keeping the jobs that great companies such as Savage and Associates provide our community is vital to our region's success, and we are thankful to be taking part in that success."

The building will be 30,000 square feet once it's finished.