BOWLING GREEN, Ohio — With big events going on in both the Toledo and Bowling Green area, it's important that people attending these events are watching their surroundings and are being safe.

The Wood County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) posted an article about safety tips for being in big crowds.

This was done as a precaution to inform people on things they can do to have an easier time going out.

As people are at events, they should try to notice if anything seems out of the ordinary; things like sights, smells, or people that are acting weird.

"People kind of have a feeling if something is off, and it just goes back to the 'see something say something campaign.' Make sure you let people know and if you don't feel safe, get out," said Wood County EMA Deputy Director, Erin Konecki.

And although it's a rarity, EMA said freaking out in a dangerous situation does not help either.

"Stay calm. When you are ramped up, you need to take some deep breaths and try to get your heart rate down so you can think clearly and make good decisions," said Konecki.

Officials from Toledo Pride and the Tractor Pulling Championships say there will be increased security in and around the areas to keep people safe. 

Wood County EMA officials added that it's important to stay off your phone. 

When we are looking down, we don't pay attention to what is around us and that is extremely important when being in big crowds.