TOLEDO (WTOL) - Members of the Rossford Board of Education met to consider the investigation of charges or complaints against a public employee Monday evening.

This coming all while their Assistant Principal and Athletic Director Patrick Murtha is on paid leave since February. He’s under investigation after being accused of inappropriate activity.

Despite the investigation into Patrick Murtha that has been going on since early in February, it’s unclear whether any progress has been made into figuring out what exactly is going on.

Murtha was placed on leave by the district on Friday February 8. That following Monday, February 11, the Rossford School Board went into executive session to consider the investigation of charges or complaints against a public employee. It’s unclear whether that session was related to Murtha or not.

One month later, the school board met again with an executive session set on their agenda.

School Board members at the March 18 school board meeting were instructed not to speak to members of the media about open investigations and to have all inquiries directed to the school board president or superintendent.

WTOL spoke with both of them after the public board meeting.

They said the board has not been regularly updated on the status of the investigation. However, they were set to speak with their attorney in executive session to hopefully learn more.

The Rossford School District indicates there is no set timeline for this investigation. They are also still not commenting on what prompted it in the first place.