Restaurant Ratings: Some restaurants repeat violators
Summit Diner racked up 23 violations during its inspection, including nine repeat violations.

(Toledo News Now) - Repeat violations and pests are the focus of this week's Restaurant Ratings Report.

Summit Diner on North Summit Street in north Toledo is the leader when it comes to the most violations. A total of 23 areas are in need of improvement, including nine repeat violations, according to inspectors.

A bottle of raid is being stored in the kitchen, a repeat violation. Management needs to contact a licensed pest control applicator. The Lucas County Health Department is now forced to keep a close eye on its pest problem.

Inspectors also found uncovered food being stored in coolers and freezers, plus cooked potatoes and french fries sitting out at room temperature, which are both repeat violations. Additionally, the dish machine is not rinsing.

The Wings Spot on Sylvania Avenue in west Toledo racked up three repeat violations out of eight total. Inspectors deemed overall cleanliness in the kitchen "inadequate," again. Inspectors also found a box of frozen chicken sitting on the floor to thaw.

During a visit to Dale's Diner on North Third Street in Waterville, no one in the facility was found to be certified in food safety. Some of the seven violations included no sanitizer available, cooked potatoes sitting out at room temperature, floors in need of a thorough cleaning to remove debris and residue, plus a mop sink full of food and debris.

The floors and walls are also of concern at Asiana Restaurant on Lewis Avenue in west Toledo. With four violations, inspectors found grease and dust starting to build up on pop nozzles, floors and walls. Additionally, sinks had no hand towels and were blocked.

Improper meat labeling is being reported at San Marcos Restaurant on Broadway Street in south Toledo. Fruit flies are also making themselves right at home in the kitchen. Buildup on pop nozzles, sun dried tomatoes stored on the floor and employees' belongings stored with food are among the six violations.

The Keep Pub on Lewis Avenue received five violations during its inspection. Food was being kept past the seven-day discard date, a kitchen sink had no hand towels and was blocked with a trash can, plus mold was found inside the ice machine.

There were a few restaurants with nothing negative to report, including Knotty Pine Cafe on Lewis Avenue, Barry Bagels on West Central Avenue and Burger King on Monroe Street in west Toledo.