SYLVANIA, OH (WTOL) - Anytime a crowd gathers for an event like the Marathon Classic, one of the big issues can be where to park.

Neighbors in the area, though, are opening their front and backyards for attendees.

Resident are able to collect a pretty good amount of money doing this, but the Sylvania United Church of Christ donates the money they make during the Marathon Classic to local Habitat for Humanity projects.

"We raise around $15,000 charging $5 a car," said Pastor Sam. People have a lot of fun and we just have so many volunteers that look forward to doing this just because it's a good cause."

While pricing tends to go up over the weekend, some places charging up to $20, their price won't budge.

Golf fans will want to come early,though, as it tends to get pretty packed quickly.

"Especially Friday, Saturday and Sunday it gets really busy. In fact, we're always wondering 'How many people are going to show up for church on Sunday because the parking lot is pretty full for golfers,'" Pastor Sam said.

If their parking lot gets full, neighbors in the area like Brandy Bias and Tim Gangway will have spots available.

It's a win-win situation. We're able to help the Marathon Classic and we're able to earn a little extra vacation money," said Bias.