TOLEDO (WTOL) - It looked like the City of Tiffin was primed to become the next community in Northwest Ohio to established their own DORA.

It was cut short, however, after their city council voted it down.

Tiffin administration had worked with a citizens group and business owners for 12-14 months to research the potential of establishing a Downtown Outdoor Refreshment Area.

Monday night, the ordinance was voted down by Tiffin City Council with a 5-2 vote.

Tiffin mayor Aaron Montz says everyone who planned for the DORA is disappointed, but the believe they can refine the ordinance to be acceptable for everyone in the city.

He says some people over exaggerated what would happen if an open container policy was set for the city’s downtown, when in actuality the plan was to help local businesses.

“This was not in any way geared to be a way for residents to walk with two full beverages in their hands throughout downtown. It was built to help restaurants increase seating, have the ability to have chairs and tables outside in the nicer months,” said Tiffin mayor Aaron Montz.

Mayor Montz says they will go back to the planning phase next year in 2019, to see if they can get a new version of the proposed DORA before city council, and passed in 2020.