TOLEDO (WTOL) - The proposed "Heartbeat Bill’ passed the Ohio state senate and is now one step closer to hitting the governor’s desk.

But even with these new developments, it’s still pretty unlikely the bill will take effect.

The bill passed the state senate 18 to 13 Wednesday and is headed back to the Ohio house for a new vote on the bill with the senate’s amendments

The bill would ban abortions as soon as an ultrasound detects a fetal heartbeat. This normally comes around the six-week mark of a pregnancy, often times before a woman even knows she’s pregnant.

It would not allow for abortions at this point, even in the cases of incest or rape.

The state medical board would be allowed to suspend or revoke physicians' licenses if they fail to follow this law should it be signed.

However, even if it does pass the house again, Governor John Kasich told WTOL 11 Reporter Tyler Paley on Friday he will veto it.

The governor will have 10 days to sign or veto the bill once it hits his desk.

In theory, Governor Kasich can let it sit without a signature for the 10 days and veto it at the very last moment.

This could prevent law makers from heading back to Columbus to vote over their holiday vacation.

Governor-elect Mike DeWine has already said he would sign the bill.