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State senators, local pro-choice advocates react to Ohio abortion bill

If the SCOTUS decides to overturn Roe vs. Wade later this year, the bill would make abortion illegal in Ohio with absolutely no exceptions.

TOLEDO, Ohio — Ohio legislators have introduced Senate Bill 123, which includes a trigger ban for abortions.

"When it would go into effect, all abortions in Ohio would become illegal with no exceptions," said Kristin Hady with Capital Care Clinic Escorts.

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CCC Escorts is a group of volunteers who act as physical buffers between patients and protestors outside of abortion clinics.

Language in the bill indicates a ban would go into effect with two scenarios.

"One, if SCOTUS rules to overturn or completely gut Roe, that would allow the trigger ban to go into effect," Hady said. "Or, if there was a constitutional amendment allowing states to ban abortion."

Democratic State Senator Teresa Fedor sent WTOL 11 this statement:

“This bill strips all women in Ohio of their ability to make decisions about their own bodies and makes victims of sexual violence feel vulnerable, unprotected and scared. For years, I have advocated for survivors of sexual violence and human trafficking to have agency over their own healing and future. Senate Bill 123 does not provide any support for individuals who have experienced these unfathomable traumas. This is not about the ‘sanctity of human life.’ It is about advancing a religious and ideological agenda. It is unconscionable that the legislature is, once again, considering such an extreme piece of legislation that would go contrary to the will of the majority of Ohioans. Enough is enough.”

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Republican State Senator Theresa Gavarone sent us this statement about the bill:

"I am an unapologetic supporter of the sanctity of life and have been honored to vote for and even co-sponsor numerous pieces of pro-life legislation. While I have not yet had the opportunity to read the legislation that was heard today, I have been and continue to be proud to stand with my fellow pro-life leaders and colleagues in the Senate."

But Hady argues the bill is not about sanctity of human life, rather advancing a religious and ideological agenda while stripping women of the ability to make decisions about their body.

"Unfortunately this is the way that Ohio is going and a lot of red states are going in that their ideological biases are being used against the rest of us," Hady said.

Meanwhile Hady said there will be marches in every single state ahead of the Supreme Court reconvening on Oct. 4th, including in Toledo on Saturday morning.

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