TOLEDO, Ohio — On Thursday, January 9, downtown Toledo will be crowded for President Trump's Make America Great Again rally at the Huntington Center.

"So, you want to know what I feel about Trump coming to town? I think it's super," local resident Fran Anderson said.

"I think it's good. He's doing a great job for the United States. He's a little rough around the edges, but I think he's doing a really good job for the country. He's putting the country first," said Bret Garasz, who is visiting his family.

Others said they don't care about the president's visit.

"Honestly, I did not even know that he was coming to town. I don't follow politics a lot so it doesn't matter to me one way or the other," Bowling Green resident, Judy Prater said.

One local, who did not want to speak on camera, said that he doesn't think the president's stop in Toledo is a good idea, as it may cause more problems.

The Lucas County sheriff said the department is waiting for Secret Service to contact them. Then, they will lay out a game plan for his arrival.

Neither the Lucas County Democrats nor Republicans have any plans for the rally set in stone.

If you plan on attending President Trump's rally, click here for ticket information.

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