TOLEDO, Ohio — In just a few weeks, President Trump is setting his sights on Toledo to hold a rally.

But there are a couple of local groups that have mixed feelings about the visit and they are already planning to protest. 

They include Toledo Black Lives Matter and Toledo LGBTQ Social Services. 

"I want him to come so we can protest. So we can fulfill our American rights to voice our opinion," said Lair Scott, the founder of Toledo LGBTQ Social Services. 

Scott along with Toledo Black lives Matter representative Julian Mack are against the president's beliefs. 

"There's several concerns about the president coming here. Specifically this particular president coming here. One we know how divisive this president has been with his rhetoric. Even recently saying that you know these impeaching hearings are similar to a civil war," said Mack. 

Mack said the president has no business being here, but John Stainbrook, the former chairman of the Lucas County Republican party disagrees.

"Trump coming to Northwest Ohio is like a victory lap after the impeachment hearings. And he can talk about what happened there. And you'll hear his side directly. Live if you're there in the crowd or on TV. Also everything that President Trump does is about 2020 and his re-election as president," said Stainbrook.

Those are some the topics expected at the rally being held at the Huntington Center. 

However, Reem Subei, who is running for the Ohio Senate in district 2 wants the conversation to go further. 

"I would love to hear the president talk about uniting our nation. That's not a  rhetoric that I've heard the president focus on, it's been the opposite. I would like to hear how and why we can come together as a nation instead of all the upsetting  rhetoric we've been hearing," said Subei.

However, Stainbrook said the president is doing his job.

"It's America. You have the right to dislike the president but you're still an American and he's still the president and that's I think one thing our democratic friends have a problem with. Is that we won the election and they just don't like it. and that's the impeachment hearings," said Stainbrook. 

In the end, unity was the main focus among all groups. 

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"I don't think he understands that instead of forwarding the LGBTQ protections and justice, that he had promised us from the beginning, that he has done nothing for us but put us back in regression," said Scott. 

Both groups plan to rally at the Huntington Center on January 9th when the President is scheduled to speak. 

But they want to make it clear, it's not about creating havoc.