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Polls closed? Bottoms up! BABE Wine launches a new "Election Night Survival Kit"

The kit includes a large bottle of red wine, a pillow to scream into, tissues, and a four-pack of rose.
Credit: BABE Wine
BABE Wine's new Election Night Survival Kit

CLEVELAND — "Polls Closing. Bottles Opening." 

That is the name of the red wine that BABE Wine is including in their new deal ahead of the 2020 presidential election. 

Less than two weeks out from election day, BABE Wine has released a brand new package on their website that is certified to help you get through what is sure to be a hectic night. 

“At BABE, we’re all about being there for life’s experiences,” said Chelsea Phillips, General Manager at BABE. “We know elections can be crazy AF. While you’ve done your research and are mailing in your ballot or casting your vote in-person, we’re here to remind you that no matter what happens, we’re all in this together.”

The company announced on Thursday that they have created a special "Election Night Survival Kit," complete with all of the essentials that Americans could possibly need ahead of November 3. 

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The "Election Night Survival Kit" includes: 

  • A pink stress ball (to keep your hands from going off on Twitter).
  • A package of tissues that read "doing great, thx," in case things get emotional.
  • A pillow labeled "scream here," for obvious reasons.
  • A four-pack of BABE's signature BABE Rosé for your watch party.
  • A large bottle of red wine titled, "Polls Closing. Bottles Opening."

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"November 3rd is going to be wild AF, but BABE is here to help you get through it. This kit has everything you need if s**t gets real," the product's description reads. 

The kit costs $29.99 and can be purchased here.

NOTE: the "Election Night Survival Kit" is currently sold out on Drink BABE's website. According to the company on Instagram, BABE is planning to restock the kit soon.