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Absentee voting deadline in Ohio primary election 2 weeks away

As the April 28 deadline to vote approaches, the director of the Lucas Co. Board of Elections says the agency is working hard to issue absentee ballots.

TOLEDO, Ohio — We may be two weeks into April but registered voters can still cast a ballot in Ohio's March 17 primary election.

However, time is running out and there are a few steps in the process.

The COVID-19 outbreak prompted Ohio's General Assembly to pass a bill extending the primary election to April 28 in an absentee fashion.

If you haven't voted and want to do so, the first thing you must do is file an application for your absentee ballot.

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There's an official form available on the Ohio Secretary of State's website and the Lucas County Board of Elections website.

But you can also simply write out the information on any piece of paper, and send it in or drop it off to your board of elections. You can find the required information here (just scroll down to the Vote-by-Mail section.)

At that point, if everything is correct, election officials will send your actual ballot. That must be postmarked by April 28 to be counted.

Also, there's no more in-person voting. That rule only has two exceptions.

You can only vote in person at county early vote centers on April 28 if you're disabled or if you don't have a home address.

Lucas County Board of Elections Director LaVera Scott said she doesn't want to turn folks away if they come to vote, but she'll have no choice.

Regardless, Scott emphasized this is still a primary, thus it's a partisan election.

"This is a primary election," she said. "In order to get a ballot, you have to either say that you want the Democrat, Republican, Libertarian or issues-only ballot. If you do not put anything in, we cannot send you a ballot. We have no idea what you really want."

As of Tuesday night, more than 37,400 Lucas County voters had cast a ballot in this year's primary election.