TOLEDO (WTOL) - Toledo City employees donated part of their paycheck Friday to help out furloughed federal workers. This cause hits home for fundraiser coordinator Amy Wood, because she knows the feeling.

"We all work for a governmental entity and we all work for our citizens. And ultimately, we were under furlough many years ago when we had the economic downfall,” Wood said.

So, on their payday, many are donating what they can.

"We all get that you know, this is mandated, we can't control it, and we all step up,” Wood said.

According to the United Way of Greater Toledo, at least 250 families in the area are directly impacted by the government shutdown. The goal of this fundraiser is to help fill gaps in aid for those families.

"We’ve already got food organizations out there, but what if they need money for medicine? Or money for something they just aren’t going to be able to afford?” Wood asked.

So Wood, and her co-workers are going to do as much as they can to help.