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See something weird at the polls? We want to know

WTOL 11 is partnering with nonprofit ProPublica's national Electionland project to track voting problems and election integrity. You can help.
Credit: WTOL
WTOL 11 is partnering with ProPublica's Electionland crowdsourcing project to hear what problems are being experienced at the polls during the 2020 election.

TOLEDO, Ohio — WTOL 11 is partnering with the non-profit newsroom, ProPublica, to help power our 2020 voting coverage for the first time.

We are on the lookout for any problems that prevent people from voting - such as mail ballot delivery problems, changed voting locations, long lines, registration problems, purged voter rolls, broken machines and voter intimidation.

ProPublica is a nonprofit investigative news organization and WTOL 11 is a partner in ProPublica's Electionland project, a nationwide media collaboration to track voting problems and election integrity. You can help us - tell us if you experienced or witnessed any problems when casting your ballot. 

To let us know how your voting experience goes, here are the many ways to get in touch. 

  • Text WTOL 11 directly at 419-248-1100
  • SMS: Text the word VOTE, VOTA (for Spanish) or 投票 (for Chinese) to 81380 (standard text message rates apply). 
  • WhatsApp: Send the word VOTE, VOTA (for Spanish) or 投票 (for Chinese) to 1-850-909-8683. 
  • Facebook Messenger: Go to m.me/electionland.

Complete this form to share your election experience with us so ProPublica and our partners can investigate. 


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If you or someone else is being threatened at the polls, you should alert a poll worker on site. Be clear about the intimidation tactic you observed. Talk to the election supervisor or call your state Board of Elections to report the activity. 

In Ohio, the Elections Division of the Ohio Secretary of State's Office can be reached at the following numbers: 

877-SOS-OHIO (877-767-6446 x1)
TTY: 614-728-3295
TTY Toll-free: 877-TTY-OHIO (877.889.6446) 

You can also fill out a form online by clicking here

In Michigan, you can contact the Michigan Bureau of Elections at 517-335-3234 or by emailing elections@michigan.gov 

You can also report it to the Election Protection Hotline at 1-866-OUR-VOTE or the US Department of Justice voting rights hotline at 1-800-253-3931.

The Election Protection Hotline is a nonpartisan coalition of 100 local, state and national partners that works to ensure voter rights about an incident.

If you are a Spanish speaker, you may also call 1-888-VE-Y-VOTA (en Español).

If you think your voting rights were violated - or the rights of a specific group of people - you also can speak to a civil rights lawyer in your area.