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How to check if you're registered to vote in Ohio

Even though you may have registered in the past, if you haven't voted in a few years, you could've been purged.

TOLEDO, Ohio — Ohio voter registration deadline for potential electors seeking to cast a vote in the general election is today, Oct. 5. But even though you may have registered in the past, if you haven't voted in a few years, you could've been purged. 

State law requires that voters who haven't voted in six years be removed from the voter registration list. This year, about 120,000 will be affected by the purge after the election, in December.

But depending on how long ago you cast your last ballot, you may have been impacted by the mandated removal of inactive voters.

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There is no need to fret if you're unsure if you're still registered or not. You can check your voter registration online on the Ohio Secretary of State's website

If your search came back with the information you registered, your county board of elections has successfully processed your form.  

But if the search does not return with the information you filled on the voter registration form, then you can contact your board of elections to check on the status of your registration. 

Here's a directory with the contact information for all 88 county boards of elections in Ohio. 

However, if you checked your information and found out you're not registered to vote, you still have a few hours. 

You can register to vote online clicking here or go to your local board of elections in person. Ohio also allows potential voters to get registered by mail.

For more information on voting in Ohio, check our voting guide below: 

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