BRUNSWICK, Ohio — An 5-year-old from Brunswick got exactly what she asked for from Santa.

In a unique request, Kailey asked for a lifesize version of President Donald Trump. And Santa delivered.

Her mother, Jillian Cayton, said that Kailey has always been a fan of presidents. 

"She's five and has American pride and I'm proud of her," Cayton wrote on Facebook. "Let's add she has never heard me talk about politics. No one has probably heard me talk about politics, let's be honest. He (President Trump) is the current POTUS, that is something kids should be able to look up to and be proud of. He has nothing on George Washington though."

Sure enough, on Christmas morning, there stood a lifesize figure of President Trump alongside First Lady Melania Trump.

Although the cardboard cutout didn't fit underneath the tree, Kailey was happy nonetheless.

"Merry Christmas from the POTUS, First Lady and Kailey Sue," another post shared by her mother reads.

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