TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Family and friends of Jennifer Molnar are closer to having closure after a man was indicted for Jennifer's murder back in 2011.

Robert Mathis II was arrested by US Marshals at the corner of Jackson and N. Huron in downtown Toledo on Friday. Police say he had been their suspect since the beginning of the case.

"Initially, he was what I would call a primary suspect," explained Lieutenant Joe Heffernan with the Toledo Police Department. "They lived as boyfriend and girlfriend together, there were some inconsistencies in his story from the beginning so we always kind of had our eye on him."

Toledo Police say Mathis called 911 on June 8, 2011. He told them he found Molnar in the basement of their home next to the hot water heater in water. He said he moved her upstairs in an attempt to revive her. Detectives from the investigation said Molnar suffered blunt force trauma.

"We were able to get some evidence back from BCI (Bureau of Criminal Investigation) that pointed us more in the direction of Mathis," said Lt. Heffernan. "That coupled with some interviews that we did and more follow up with the detective led to the probable cause to present to the grand jury."

Friends of Jennifer Molnar were searching for answers back in 2011 when WTOL met with them.

"You know what," said Sheri Marshall, friend of Jennifer. "I seen this on the news, I was like, I'm sorry."

"You just don't know what happened," asked WTOL's Tim Miller. "You want to know what happened right?"

"Yeah," answered Sheri. "I do because it's sad."

Now, they have some of those answers as Robert Mathis II is in jail awaiting his fate in court.

Mathis was indicted and charged with aggravated murder and murder on Friday.

Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation and Identification and Lucas County Coroner's Office assisted in the investigation.