TOLEDO (WTOL) - Looking for Christmas goodies for people lacking a sweet tooth can put you in a bit of a pickle.

But now, your mind can rest easy. Pickle-flavored candy canes are coming back this year and for some people it’s a pretty big “dill.”

Pickle-flavored treats have taken the candy industry by storm the past couple of years.

On Amazon, you can find not only these specialty pickle candy canes, but pickle mints, pickle gummies and even pickle-flavored cotton candy are all featured on the site.

The candy canes go for about $9 a package and have also been seen on Wal-Mart’s website.

Who says candy canes can only be enjoyed on Christmas? With Halloween just around the corner, you may also be seeing some of these tangy treats popping up in your kids' candy bags.

If pickles aren’t really your thing, don’t worry. The store Archie McPhee’s sells macaroni and cheese and clam-flavored candy canes as well.

Clamdy Canes! Clam flavored candy canes! It's a candy clamity!

Posted by Archie McPhee on Tuesday, September 4, 2018

While the store’s “Clamdy Canes” sound like a hilarious prank, they seem to be pretty popular. The site even makes a note that says they are limiting the sale of this product to five per customer because of their “extreme popularity.”

So if you favor savory over sweet, these new holiday treats may be worth a try.