Perrysburg swimmers to rely on solar heating
The Perrysburg city pool will have solar-powered heating this summer.

PERRYSBURG, OH (Toledo News Now) – This winter the city of Perrysburg will bring solar power to their municipal pool building to heat the pool more efficiently.

Perrysburg City Councilman Todd Grayson proposed the idea to the city after using solar power on his own pool.

"It's the perfect situation for the use of solar power," Grayson said. "We're kind of a solar community and allowing for water to be heated is something the sun does for us free…It's a relatively inexpensive system to put up so I think it's a really good return on investment."

The project, set to begin later this winter, should cost about $25,000, but will provide free heat to the pool. Grayson said the solar panels should increase the temperature by 5-7 degrees and should last at least 10 years.

Grayson said as far as he knew Perrysburg will be the first community to use solar power to heat their pool, but hopes others will pick up on the idea.

The city hopes to have the solar power flowing when the pool opens in late May.