Perrysburg officials move on from downtown roundabout plan after community opposition

PERRYSBURG, OH (Toledo News Now) - Changesare being made to the downtown development plan in Perrysburg after residentsvoiced their opposition to a previous plan.

Cityofficials previously proposed a roundabout at Front and Louisiana streetsdowntown in an effort to make the area more accessible, but the community wasagainst it.

CityCouncilman Todd Grayson says the mayor decided to move on from the roundaboutidea because of the backlash it received. He says right now they'll focus onthe walkway, riverfront, and Hood Park improvements.

"Itwas really a more holistic focus on how do we make downtown a better place forthe community, and for business," Grayson said. "The roundabout was just onefeature. It was an idea, and that's why Mayor Olmstead said, 'Hey, look, it wasan idea. Here's some other ideas, let's go talk about the riverfront.'"

Thecouncil will continue to discuss what other approach they can take, and willrevisit what to do in the area instead of a roundabout later.

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