PERRYSBURG, (WTOL) - Police in Perrysburg are working to track down whoever tagged a home with racist graffiti.

The graffiti was discovered over the weekend, on the home which is up for sale through ReMax.

The garage door on the south side of house and the back of the house was spray painted saying“KKK”,“N*****r" and N*****r Lover.”

The home did not appear to be entered.

Perrysburg police did not find any other houses in the area to be spray painted.

The realtor believes the graffiti was targeting potential buyers. The graffiti has since been cleaned up.

As a result, the John Modene Team at ReMax, will be hosting a “Rally Against Racism” event Tuesday on Lexington Drive. The Fair Housing Center, Mayor Mackin, the Toledo Regional Association of Realtors, and Perrysburg Police and Fire will also be in attendance.

The relators sent a statement to WTOL.

Last night at a listing of ours in Perrysburg, vile and racist graffiti was sprayed on the sides of the house targeting our buyers and making disgusting racist statements.

Perrysburg Mayor Thomas G. Mackin also released a statement in relation to the matter.

On February 10, the Perrysburg Police Division responded to a vandalism complaint occurring on Lexington Drive. Hate speech and racial slurs were discovered spray painted on a vacant home. On behalf of the city leaders and citizens of Perrysburg, I emphatically condemn this horrifyingly shameful act of bigoted behavior. All individuals have a right to feel safe and welcome in Perrysburg. The profoundly sad and ignorant actions of the individual or individuals involved do not represent the values of this community and will not be tolerated. I strongly urge anyone with information involving this incident to contact the Perrysburg Police Division at (419) 872-8001.

Neighbors are also do their part to prevent this from happening again by creating a block watch group on Facebook.

"We decided it was a good idea to start a Kettle Run block watch page on Facebook and it's still in the infancy stages, we're still trying to get the word out to all our neighbors and we offer to nearby neighborhoods as well to join," Neighbor Aaron Wozniak said.

Wozniak who lives near the home that was vandalized has also installed a doorbell with a video cameras added security.

He first saw the vandalism when he went out to grab his family doughnuts Sunday morning. That’s when he called police and said they responded quickly. Wozniak also reached out to the realtor and said he was there within an hour to cover up the graffiti.

Wozniak still can’t believe that the vandalism happened and he wants people to know that it’s not representative of the neighborhood and that he would welcome anyone as a neighbor.