PERRYSBURG, OH (WTOL) - Simple of messages of support can go a long way. Perrysburg residents are seeing these simple messages painted on rocks around the city.

The messages are from three Perrysburg High School students fighting negativity in the city.

"We thought we could help make somebodies day and help spread happiness," said Megan Adams of Perrysburg Rocks.

The three students are hoping the messages they spread will discourage bullying with positivity.

"Just to let others know to be happy and treat others how they want to be treated," Jessica Adams said.

It is a community movement spearheaded by twins Megan and Jessica. The sisters noticed a similar movement while visiting family in Indiana. They brought it back to Perrysburg.

The Adams sisters, along with a friend Jordan Hunter, started hiding rocks in downtown Perrysburg and Woodland Park.

They hope those who find a rock will post a picture on the Perrysburg Rocks Facebook or Instagram page, and re-hide it where they choose.

"Actually going around seeing the rocks gone and knowing people are doing this along with us," Hunter said.