Perrysburg discussing options after transportation levy fails

PERRYSBURG, OH (Toledo News Now) - Perrysburg City Council met Thursday to discuss what to do next between now and March 6 after the levy failed Tuesday.

Perrysburg turned down a 1.45 mill levy to fund the service by nearly 51 percent or a 182 vote margin. The levy would have cost the owner of a $200,000 home about $60 a year. That price is half of what TARTA cost.

No final decision was reached at the meeting but brainstorming and options were being thrown around. The consensus was that residents did not understand the levy.

The people of Perrysburg thought this was an extra service, not getting rid of public transportation all together.

"Voters just didn't understand what the levy was for, that we didn't have any more money coming from the old TARTA levy. This was new, that it was a reduced cost. I think a lot of those things were still lost on a great number of voters," said Todd Grayson.

"I do everything on the bus. I shop, I go the doctor, I go to church everything I do I do on the bus and if the transportation goes I don't know how I'm going to make it," said Rosa Linda Brown.

Rosa Linda Brown is one resident in Perrysburg that relies on public transportation. She has guardianship of her two granddaughters who use public transportation as well.

"They saw the levy hadn't passed, they were afraid. And they said nana how are we going to do it? Because like I said they use it to go to the library, they use it to get home from school sometimes. I mean you know it's our lifeline," said Brown.

"I think ultimately we're going to have to look at, you know  what's our mileage going to be going back on, we're going to try to keep it as low as possible, as we already did this first time, but we have a few more options now to reduce the mileage, so we'll do what we can. And just make it as clear I think as possible to voters, what they are buying with their money," said Grayson.

City Council will vote next week on the short term plan to extend service until the end of the month so residents have an exact date of when service could end if nothing else works out.