PERRYSBURG -(WTOL) - Despite rumors to the contrary, there have been no arrests or confessions in the Perrysburg High School Twitter case.

On Wednesday, school officials were alerted to the existence of a Twitter account titled Perrysburg Girls Ranked, with the handle @GirlsRanked. The creator promised to rank 64 girls, from worst to first. By late Wednesday afternoon, dozens of girls had been listed. Each listing included height, exaggerated weights, and cutting comments about their physical appearance.

On Thursday, two people reported to the WTOL newsroom that a male student had confessed to starting the site. Superintendent Tom Hosler said many rumors were circulating about the culprit being caught, which was not true.

A call to the Perrysburg Police Department confirmed that there was no news to report and that a detective, with forensics expertise, is working on the case.

By late Wednesday, all of the individual “rankings” had been removed. Hosler said more than 100 students had approached different staff members about the site.

A story posted on and the station’s Facebook page received hundreds of comments. Many commenters were surprised that the Twitter site was receiving so much attention, something that disappointed counselor Derek J. Lee of Perrysburg Counseling Services, LLC. He said that cyberbullying is much different, and more destructive, than the “rankings” that existed in schools in decades past.

“A student can post one thing, and even though he posted it once, it's being seen dozens, if not hundreds or thousands, of times,” Lee said. “So while people argue he only said it once, the fact is the student on the receiving end, they've possibly been impacted hundreds or thousands of times by it.”

Another thing Lee said people don’t think about is that in years past, a nasty note could be destroyed or thrown out. A vicious Internet post can last forever.

Despite the district having the posts removed by Wednesday afternoon, many students still captured screenshots of the comments.