Perrysburg church erecting new steeple after fire

PERRYSBURG, OH (TOLEDO NEWS NOW) - A Perrysburg church at the corner of Elm and East Front is putting up its new steeple.

The new steeple is an exact replica of the old one measuring 27 feet tall and weighing 3,000 pounds.

St. Rose students and teachers left their classrooms Tuesday to witness the installation of the brand new steeple high atop the Catholic church.

Shortly after 11 a.m., a crane lowered the steeple into place and crews made their way to the top to secure it. It was a vastly different sight from the morning of April 3, when a lightning bolt hit the steeple, setting it on fire.

In early October, that steeple was taken down and a brand new one arrived just a few weeks ago. Now the church has come full circle.

"It's been a long time, in a way, but we're just pleased everything's been done right and been done safely. We have a new lightning protection system on the church and when the cross goes up it's going to have the latest in terms of lightning protection, "said Monsignor Marv Borger.

Berkey resident Frank Lenhart stopped to take pictures while passing through town. The sight of the crews working at such high levels made him wish he was up there with them.

"With all this machinery it would be nothing but fun, I wouldn't even call it a job," said Lenhart.

As for the kids, their teachers have turned this event into an educational experience.

"We talked about how much it weighed, we said it was 3 tons and so we figured out how many pounds that is and we knew that. Today when that crane lifted it on top of that other existing steeple, we knew that would be quite a feet to see that go up," said Kathy Henry.

For Borger, the completion could not come at a better time.

"We're very happy to have it back together with a cross on top in time for advent and Christmas," said Borger.

Daily masses have been moved to the school for the past couple days. Borger anticipates the church will be open for service possibly by Thursday, but definitely by Friday.