TOLEDO (WTOL) - In the northwest Ohio area, 600 students competed in SkillsUSA to see who is the most skilled in their future jobs.

"This is our extra-curriculars, so like back at their home school if they're not engaged in band, choir or athletics, this is their way to demonstrate their talents," PENTA Superintendent Ron Matter said.

Students training to work in law enforcement show their skills at executing a traffic stop, while future crime scene investigators bag evidence.

"Probably their biggest competitor is the time they face in a room to process the scene in 30 minutes, it's kind of unrealistic, but it's a great challenge to watch," Assistant Contest Coordinator George Buyington said.

Buyington is a graduate of PENTA who went on to a job at the Ottawa County Sheriff's Office...and now teaches others at another career center. He enjoys seeing his students challenged.

"Seeing all that come together, everything you've taught them, and then being tested where no instructor can test them, it's all on them right now," Buyington said.

For students who do well in that environment, they can go on to states and even nationals, to win scholarships and try to land their dream job.