WEST TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) – A sinkhole opened up under the pavement on the 4100 block of Burnham Road Monday around 11 p.m.

It now takes up the entire road, from driveway to driveway.

Margaret Sharples lives in front of the sinkhole and said she’s been inconvenienced, even having to leave her car over at her son’s house because this already highly populated street leaves no room for extra cars to park.

“I heard them last night. I was in bed, you know, and I heard them, they were working on it last night. So maybe, eventually when this is fixed, things will be better," she said.

Residents say the road had been slowly sinking for days.

The city was aware there was a problem, but before they could address it, the situation went from bad to worse.

One woman visiting her daughter late Monday night was blocked in by emergency crews and couldn’t leave until well after midnight despite the fact that there was no running water at the time.

Another neighbor was watching from his porch, but didn’t want to give his name.

“It just kind of got bad and they had some cones, but then it just kind of collapsed," he said.

Crews excavated and that hole now stands at 20 by 22 feet wide, and about 5 feet deep.

It exposed a water break and indicated a sewer main failure.

Burnham Road is closed.

The water main break has been repaired, and at this time there is no boil advisory.

Justin Ochoa also lives in front of the sinkhole and, as a resident, is disappointed he hasn’t heard more from the city directly.

“Actually, our like water pressure in our house is like barely even running. I don’t know, there was a bunch of water in here last night, and it was like, you could hear, it was a like a Jacuzzi. You could hear the water running," he said.

For the sewer repair, the city has called in for OUPS or as it’s pronounced, “oops” markings, to make sure there's nothing else in the way like gas lines before they dig out the hole Thursday afternoon.

Once cleared to dig, they will be able to find out the extent of the repair needed.

Spokesperson for the City of Toledo, Ignazio Messina, wants residents to know that they are a priority. He said the city has dealt with these kinds of situations before, and will do what they can to minimize the impact to those who live there.

“Older cities sometimes have older infrastructures, so basically, we’re asking everyone to be patient. We know this is a big inconvenience. We’re going to try and have this fixed and the road reopened as soon as possible," he said.

This is a sinkhole and not a pothole because it is a depression in the ground surface caused by material below the ground causing the collapse. Potholes have to do with the paving material itself.

If you have either sinkhole or pothole issues, you can always contact Engage Toledo at 419-936-2020.