PERRYSBURG (WTOL) - Areas along the Maumee River continue to see damage from the intense flooding and ice jams.

The barricades to Orleans Park in Perrysburg are still up more than two weeks after flooding along the Maumee River began.

Park officials say extensive repairs are in order. The city of Perrysburg says the parking lot closest to the river along with the docs and canoe racks will need the most repairs.

The parking lot is completely washed out and will need new gravel. Some canoe racks were completely flattened by flood waters.

Additionally the Perrysburg Boat Club and City Docks were tipped over and damaged, with a few sections completely missing all together.

The year 2015 brought some damage to the park but officials say it’s worse this time around.

The city says the ice has to melt before any major repairs can be made. The parking lot is the first priority along with the docks.