OREGON, Ohio (WTOL) - Right now, businesses in Oregon are being asked to take a survey so local leaders can have a better idea of what they need to succeed.

With the city of Oregon working towards developing a proper downtown, the local economic development group and chamber of commerce want to hear from the existing businesses through this survey to gauge how the current business climate is.

The survey is a part of the Business Retention & Expansion Program through The Ohio State University.

Business owners will answer various questions on cost of doing business, quality of amenities in the city, and rating the labor force.

It also asks if the businesses are planning on expanding and how, and if not why?

All of this data is then compiled by the Ohio State university Western extension, and is made available to elected officials on how to tackle bigger problems that all businesses mentioned, or setting aside smaller issue that only impact 1 or 2.

This isn't the first type of survey the businesses along Navarre avenue have been asked to fill out, and leaders are expecting traffic to be a major point of emphasis.

"But, I think that traffic and the movement of traffic through that area to make sure that we have places for people to drive, how they can access different restaurants and shops, as well as are we going to be safe with the truckers and things coming here delivering the supplies that we need here to do business." Said Yvone Thoma-Patton, director of the Eastern Maumee Bay Chamber of Commerce

This survey will be live on the Oregon Economic Development website until May 24.