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Only On 11: Bedford HS football coach discusses recent suspension

WTOL 11 sports reporter Jordan Strack sat down with Coach Wood for an exclusive interview Wednesday.

BEDFORD TOWNSHIP, MI (Toledo News Now) - Bedford High School's head football coach, Jeff Wood, was suspended for a week after an incident of inappropriate behavior occurred during the team's camp at Sauk Valley Resort in Brooklyn, MI.

WTOL 11 sports reporter Jordan Strack sat down with Coach Wood for an exclusive interview Wednesday.

Coach Wood says there are already things the team will change, if they go back to Sauk Valley.

"At Sauk Valley, with the bunk houses, we're not going to have our coaches sleep inside their bunk houses or anything like that," said Wood. "We've already discussed a lot of the things, if we do happen to return back there, that we would change."

Wood says he's been very emotional about the whole situation, including his suspension from the team's home opener against Saint Francis.

"You put in 11 months of planning for the season and to have it all fall down like a deck of cards, because of some choices, both on my part and our student athletes' part, it's a difficult thing," said Wood. "Emotionally, it's been very difficult for us."

The investigation, including interviews and information from the school district staff, revealed the inappropriate behavior included multiple acts of Aggravated Indecent Exposure and potential Criminal Sexual Conduct.

"We can't be in there at every moment. We have six coaches for 66 kids," said Wood.

But Wood says the team has learned its lesson.

"I think we've learned our lesson," said Wood. "We can't do things that are inappropriate, you know, and wrong. And we did."

Wood says he's upset about the suspension, but he'll take responsibility.

"The only game I've ever missed was because of the birth of my daughter, but you know what, I'm the head man, and I'm going to take it like a man; I'm not going to cover my butt. And I'm going to take it for this program and this community," said Wood.

Michigan State Police have just finished investigating the incident at the camp and turned the case over to the Lenawee County Prosecutor's Office.

Ten to 12 people were named in the report and could face charges.

WTOL 11 will bring you the latest as soon as it comes in from the prosecutor.