LUCAS COUNTY (WTOL) - This week is National Work-zone Awareness Week.

Last year in Ohio, 19 workers died on the side of the road in work-zones. Out of those 19, only one was a work related accident.

The rest of them were due to drivers not paying enough attention while driving through work zones.

"Those are, you know 19 people that didn't have to die. They're not going home to their families, and that's really unfortunate. So, we really want people to just pay attention when they're driving, slow down in those work zones, a lot of them have reduced speeds. for a reason, and we want people to obey those. Even though, you know, as drivers we get frustrated with the work zones, they've been up for a while, people are kind of used to them, we think we know the roads, but really, it's for everybody's safety," said Rebecca Dangelo,

Work-zone awareness week is important because it does work.

The number of deaths in 2017 is less than those in 2016. There have, however, already been tragedies this year.

As a friendly reminder, remember to slow down, be attentive, and try to leave plenty of space between yourself and the car in front of you.