TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - They've opened their hearts to dozens of children over the years. Now, many of the Nuzum children have grown and started families of their own and the family is looking to downsize.

Scott and Joann Nuzum adopted 31 children, many with special needs. WTOL 11 covered their new home in Middleton Township as it was being built in 2002, partially thanks to generous donors.

WTOL was there as the family celebrated their first Thanksgiving in a home, finally fit to serve all of them.

"Today, I'm thankful we can have a big house that we can do this with our family," said Scott Nuzum in 2004.

All but seven children have started families of their own, so the house has simply become too much to handle. Realtors Victoria Valle and Dave Kerscher are tasked with finding a buyer.

"This home is 22,000 square feet. It's not going to be a traditional home for someone. There's large rooms. There's elevators. There's eight foot-wide staircases," said Valle.

The house has six and a half  bathrooms, seven bedrooms, a gym and space for home schooling. The kitchen is complete with three sinks, four refrigerators and two ovens. There's also a pond and garden in the back yard.

The garage alone is 3,000 square feet, so anyone can imagine, it's a unique buyer who will be the perfect fit. The realtors are determined to find that.

"We've targeted vocational uses. We've targeted medical uses, crossfit gyms, rehabilitation facilities." said Kerscher.

The Nuzums are hoping a new buyer will make the building a place that continues to serve a positive purpose.

"They would really love to find someone else that could use it for a cause such as their's or something similar that can help others," said

The house is listed for $625,000, that's $30 a square foot. The listing for the house can be found here.