TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A subcontractor employee has been fired after a noose was found hanging at the Toledo Jeep Assembly Complex.

An FCA spokesperson said that there is zero-tolerance policy for such incidents.

"FCA US takes workplace harassment very seriously and has a zero-tolerance policy regarding harassment or discrimination of any kind. All allegations are investigated fully and infractions are punishable up to and including termination," the spokesperson said. "The incident yesterday at the Toledo Assembly Complex involved an employee of a sub-contractor, who has since been terminated by his employer. The FCA US standards of conduct apply not only to our own employees, but also to any vendor or contractor who is doing work on our premises."

The FCA statement did not identify the name of the terminated worker or the contracting firm for which he worked.

Noose found at Jeep plant; subcontractor employee fired

An image of the noose was posted on a Jeep group Facebook page, according to an employee at the plant. In the photo, it is hanging near the paint shop.

Raynard LaNier Jr., an employee at the Toledo Assembly Complex, said occurrences such as this have happened before. He said this is not the first noose he's seen since working at Jeep.

"When I contacted my union steward and civil rights committee with the only response being, 'how did I know this was a recent picture?' or that it was even on my department. The fact that today it was posted for all to see on our unofficial company page and no one in management knew nothing of it, not even in a tense of it being an older issue, is what again infuriated me," LaNier said.

"This issue was being treated as if it didn't happen or that it was old, and why am I so angered by it? I am a black man who deals daily on smaller levels with racist undertones. It's almost commonplace here and many issues are swept under the rug. This is a blatantly racist gesture and in some cases a threat to all employees of color."

LaNier said that he has not experienced any company-wide no racial sensitivity talk or meetings with employees to reinforce the zero-tolerance policy the company has.