TOLEDO (WTOL) - There will be no late fees tacked on to water bills for residents in North Baltimore. That’s the latest from the village’s mayor after some residents got a water bill on time, some got it late and some still haven’t gotten their January bills.

Shane Bailey just got his water bill yesterday, the day it was due. After finding the village’s Facebook page, he learned he wasn’t alone and was worried that not everyone was aware of the problem.

"All of the Facebook comments are, ’Everyone knows the bills are due on the fifteenth.' My neighbors across the street just bought their house last month, they probably don’t know their water bill is due on the fifteenth. You know, the elderly people who don’t have access to Facebook probably don’t know,” Bailey said.

The mayor, who is aware of the issue says she did her best to get the word out about the mail mix-up, and they’re being flexible about this month’s payment.

"We sent out emergency notices on our emergency phone system, on our website and to the NB News Express,” Mayor Janet Goldner said.

She says everything should be fine moving forward.

“That’s our goal, is that everything is normal for February,” Mayor Goldner said.

For now, the village is figuring out how many people still need to pay their January bills. As for what caused the mix-up to begin with, the mayor says the post office is at fault. When we reached out to the postal service, nobody was available to comment.