COLUMBUS, OH (WTOL) - Two communities have come together in hopes of saving two nuclear power plants in Ohio.

The group is called The Ohio Clean Energy Jobs Alliance, and it's made up of multiple different groups who would be impacted financially if the Davis-Besse and Perry nuclear power plants are shut down.

The group held a rally in Columbus Wednesday to get the attention of state lawmakers from across Ohio.

The alliance consists of groups from both Ottawa and Lake counties, including the Benton-Carroll-Salem School district.

BCS superintendent Guy Parmigian spoke along side other Alliance members, and said the nuclear power plants offer not only  a financial benefit to Ohio, but provide a reliability that other power generation does not.

The 14 percent of all of Ohio's energy is produced by nuclear, and without it, Parmigian said it puts the state at risk of power supply issues in the event of an emergency.

In all, the group wants to let everyone know that the potential decommissioning of these nuclear power plants is not only important in the counties the plants are in, but they're important to the entire Buckeye state.

"It's really a statewide issue, and we wanted to let people know it you live in Columbus, or Dayton, or Marrietta, Youngstown; why this matter to you. We want to communicate that to the people and to the legislatures down in Columbus, and that's why we came to kick this thing off in Columbus," said Parmigian.

Parmigian said First Energy has a deadline of June 2019 to make a decision on refueling the Davis-Besse reactor.

If they don't refuel by then, that will basically mean the plant will be on a fast track to being decommissioned in 2020.